In one of the nights between 2 and 6 September, 1972, just after midnight, in the village of Valea Plopului (Poplar Valley), Poseşti commune, Prahova district, Romania, Vasile Cărăbuş, night watchman at the agricultural cooperative of Poseşti, saw on the hill "Tabacioi" a shiny object, a yellow „star with tail”, crossing the sky, hovering and landing smoothly in an orchard located about 2 kilometers from him, on the hill „La Odaia”. After this, the object disappeared. The witness could not hear any noise.

Over two days, the guard, along with several villagers have researched the place in question, a cornfield dotted with fruit trees. Here they found a circular area with a diameter of 4.5 meters in which all stems were broken at about one meter above the ground. In the center of the circle there was a small heap of earth, in the middle with a round, cylindrical hole, with a diameter of 12-14 centimeters, and at least 2 meters deep. Around this hole, there were three identical, mechanical footprints, at the same distance, spaced perfectly at 120 degrees, and well imprinted in soil.

Later, hundreds of curious people came here, as were the students brought to "farm work", as it was customary then. To verify the rumors that had spread in the area, Călin Turcu, teacher from a school in Vălenii de Munte (about 17 kilometers from Valea Plopului) moved, on November 29, on the spot. The traces were pretty well visible. Călin Turcu came back here, making numerous photos and talking with the witnesses. He sent his findings to Ion Hobana. As a result, in the coming days, Turcu will accompany at Valea Plopului specialists who came from the "UFO Scientific Circle" organized at the Culture House of Students in Bucharest, circle led by Ion Hobana. Engineer Justin Capra, from Bucharest, found with a Geiger–Müller counter, „a substantial increase of gamma radioactivity in the center of the alleged landing”. Then, on December 10, 1972, a group of 11 people, made measurements, photographs, sampling of soil and vegetation, tape recording of witnesses, and collecting written statements. On this occasion, it was made a documentary film that was widely circulated, and later won a prize. Judging by the depth of the traces, it was estimated that the object could weigh tens of tons. The soil appeared to have been exposed to a high temperature but not to a flame. The object avoided two high voltage lines (at a distance of 135 meters to each), as well as three apple trees around, landing at an equal distance from them, without harm.

Turcu Călin found that in the next four years the vegetation on the heap of earth was completely absent, then was frail. He continued to monitor other aspects of the case, despite the fact that in the summer of 1973 two unidentified persons visited him, and "advised" him to never go there. (after Călin Turcu).

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