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phenomenon observed in the vicinity of Otopeni International Airport, near Bucharest, on the night of 14 to 15 July 1997, was widely publicized. Ion Hobana reconstructed the event in a long discussion with Mr. Virgil Vinersariu, shift manager of the airport control tower, in the night in question.
phenomenon was noticed at around 22:49, when tower operators directed the landing of Istanbul-Bucharest Tarom flight. It had the appearance of a circular light, west of the airport, between Buftea and Corbeanca (at about 5 kilometers). Throughout observations, the radar tower did not detect any unidentified target. As a result, it could not determine the altitude of the phenomenon; it was, in any case, below the scattered clouds at 2,000-3,000 meters.

Mr. Vinersariu asked the duty officer to turn the video cameras, placed on the control tower and on another building of the airport, toward the light spot. This has allowed to record the appearance for about two hours.

The phenomenon was observed from inside the control tower and from its terrace. Through binoculars, It has been observed that in the middle of the circular light it was a horizontal band, colored white, orange and red, colors that turned each into other.

When the beaconing was ignited, to land a C-130 aircraft, an operation that lasted 12 minutes, the phenomenon disappeared, reappearing to the southeast, in the direction of Tunari and Ştefăneşti (5 to 10 kilometers). This time, seemed to be two light balls of different sizes, bonded together. This tandem moved in a strictly limited area. When the beaconing was extincted, the intensity of the light phenomenon has decreased. Surprised, Mr. Vinersariu reignited the beaconing, to test the reaction of the phenomenon, going up to the fifth gear. The light increased, compared with the stimulus on the ground. When the beaconing intensity was reduced, the unidentified light also fell. This game was repeated several times. The phenomenon disappeared unexpectedly, one of the last images being recorded at 01:10.

What witnesses saw and what impressed videotape? Given the weather conditions and the duration of the observation, a mass of condensed electrostatic energy (plasma, ball lightning) can not be invoked. Shape, prolonged persistence, absence of any noise, exclude conventional explanations: balloon, airplane, helicopter, etc. And the reaction to the brightness variations suggest intelligent control. (after Ion Hobana)

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