ozn rmvalcea cropOn the 05.05.2004, at around 21:00, Luigi Chitan, cameraman, filmed a few shots, for a commercial, with night panorama of the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea, from the terrace of a restaurant on the hill Capela (Chapel). When he saw the images, after one week, the cameraman discovered on the footage something not observed with the naked eye, during filming, namely, the transition, with relatively high speed, of an object or light phenomenon, flying on a slightly rising trajectory, for 1.41 seconds, between the place where he filmed and a distant hill, located at about 4 km away.

The news, with some images, was broadcast on 13 May 2004 on the Romanian television channel "Antena 1". Afterwards, a team of association ASFAN, composed of Ion Hobana, Alecu Marciuc, Alexandru Musat & Gheorghe Cohal went to Râmnicu Vâlcea and held discussions at the local TV station "VL1" with those involved in the event (director of local television station - Mr Cozma, filmmaker - cameraman Luigi Chitan, and technicians who processed the images).

During the discussion, copies were taken after both original recordings and those post processed on computer. Also some additional recordings were made by camera.

The images were studied, enlarged and played back frame by frame, it was observed that the object is actually a composite body or a group of four symmetrically placed lights moving through the branches and leaves of trees located between the camera and the filmed object. The disappearance of the phenomenon occurs instantly, as would be extinguished, or vanishing suddenly, when driving, without alter its trajectory and speed.

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