By searching the Old Romanian media, at the library of the Romanian Academy, Ion Hobana found that in January 1913, in the Romanian air space, many flying objects have evolved, endowed with strong light sources.

In 30 October 2007, in the afternoon, six kilometers from the town Gherla, near Cluj-Napoca (Romania) a one place MIG 21 Lancer fighter, from the Air Base 71 at Campia Turzii, performed a training flight. An unknown object hit the plane.

CertestiDuring the night of July 8 to 9, 1996, in the center of a village, in Eastern Romania, a police sergeant and a guardian had a close encounter of the III-rd kind. They saw a UFO hovering above the road and three humanoids around it. Some other events seem to be connected with.
 The case was observed in the village Cerţeşti (pronouncedTchertzeshty), district Galati, in South of the Moldavian Region of Romania. Only newspaper and tabloid reporters investigated the CE III in the next days and not UFO "professionals", because of the lack of funds and of appropriate UFO research structures in Romania. The TV producer Mihai Badescu, with a small team, was gone to Certesti, on August 12, 1996, to make a short film about this event, for TVR1, the main Romanian Public TV channel. He invited Calin Turcu and me (both of us having books published in Romanian about the UFO phenomenon) for comments. During that day, we had detailed discussions with the witnesses of this encounter and with other people, including skeptics. The main findings are mentioned bellow.

MancuThe police sergeant Marian Mancu and Marcel Rusu, voluntary guardian, were patrolling on the main road passing the village Certesti, on July 8 to 9, 1996, at night, in front of the police office. In this place, on both sides, between the road and the sidewalks, there are deep ditches, with small bridges across them. The houses are behind the fences, in the middle of orchards and gardens, except a two-storied apartment house, opposite the police station. The police sergeant lived in one apartment of this building. Around 0.30 AM, Mancu told Rusu that he would go home for ten minutes, to eat something. The entrance is behind the building. The moment the sergeant passed the corner, he heard a whistling sound from the street and sensed a current of air. He turned immediately back, seeing on the road something which "splashed blue and red lights, making a sound like voom-voom".

In a November night, in 1992, three military helicopters were recalled from the military exercise when they encountered an unidentified aerial phenomenon, near Buzau, Romania.
map buzauThe airplanes accomplished a night flight in "triangle" from Buzau to Urziceni, with return after passing Mizil. The weather was ideal for flying, with unusually clear sky. At first, the flying at an altitude of 100 meters, with 150 km/h, seemed running smoothly and the pilots of the three devices threw their look occasionally to the cars circulating at that time, along with their route, on the European road 85 to Urziceni.

Retired Colonel Marcel Smoleanu, today deputy chairman of Buzau branch of the veteran pilots association ARPIA, led the first helicopter. He reports that: "It was an easy task, for training. Helicopters had no weapons. On each device was a pilot, a second and a technician. We left around 22.00, expecting to return at around 24.00. It was a pleasant flight so that each of us was taken with his thoughts. We listened quietly a soft music found through a radio station".

"At one point I froze with my hand on the stick, when I suddenly saw approaching from the left a bright red sphere. It was huge, with an estimated diameter of nearly 20 meters. It was no change of colour, no flicker, no noise and no trail of smoke. The object started flying in parallel with the helicopters.

grup57At the Mihai Kogălniceanu military airport, north of Constanta, Romania, several supersonic fighter aircraft pilots of the Romanian Air Force Regiment 57 had witnessed an unidentified aerospace phenomenon. The event took place probably in the second half of March 1989 (there are differences in the timing remembered).

Between the hours of 15.00 and 21.00, the unit, consisting then of 18-20 pilots, executed a shooting exercise in two sets: day flight and night flight. “At one point, it was announced that the training flights were halted, although weather conditions were excellent and the visibility was very good" said one witness.Strejea

At around 21.20, the pilots were stripped of their equipment. Some of them, including the Commander and the Colonel (ret.) Platon Streja, flight inspector in the Air Force Command in Bucharest, delegate to attend and participate in flights that week, were in the "alarm cell", a room located in a building, planning the next flight, scheduled over two days. The other pilots were talking on a bench outside this building. The technicians were preparing the aircrafts for parking at night. The sky was "glass clear”, and the visibility perfect.

strainuAlexeni Air Force Base is in Ialomita County, Romania, not far from the town Urziceni. On August 23, 1984, a UFO appeared above it.
his day was the communist era National Day, celebrating 40 years since Romania turned against Hitler's Germany. In the afternoon, the aircrafts (type MIG, IAR, AN etc.) who participated in the military parade in Bucharest, had returned and landed at the Alexeni base and were even covered. At one point, the Otopeni radar station (near Bucharest) asked Alexeni station if they have any aircraft in the air, because they saw something on the vertical of the Alexeni airfield.

Emil Strainu, today general (retired), was working at the radar complex command. He described as eyewitness the story summarized below. A further examination was made, confirming the presence at the ground of all equipment. The sky was clear, temperature 28 degrees Celsius, so that shortly the unknown object was spotted also visually. Observed by optical instruments (telescopes, theodolites) it had ovoid shape, and it was estimated to be 2-3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, seeming to be made ​​of a shiny material, like aluminium. It moved silently, and did not have lights or propulsion jet. It did not seem disturbed by the wind of 7-8 m/sec. During its evolution, a strong interference was noticed with VHF and short waves communications... The officer on duty put to operate the Alexeni radar station, but noticed nothing, because this unit had no way to see an intruder in the overhead area, which is in a „dead zone”.

Ion Lazeanu, working as senior meteorologist made, repeatedly, around 1986 astonishing radar observations of a huge UFO. Below is his report of these incidents.lazeanu
I was working, as senior meteorologist, at the RADAR laboratory (physics of the atmosphere) at the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology in Bucharest (Romania), since 1967. In the same year an, English, Plessey radar was installed in our Institute, the training of users being made by English and American specialists. In 1971 the Plessey device was replaced by a new installation: MRL-2, made in the former Soviet Union, the training being performed by an engineer from the manufac
turer company. The radar had a range of 300 kilometers and a narrow angular opening, typical for meteorological radar devices.
The meteorological observations are performed each hour, 24 hours per day, working in shifts. During one of the routine observations, with this radar, in a night of August 1986, at 2.00 a.m., on the screen appeared a sharp horizontal line, one cm. long. The position of the target remained stationary.

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