At the 2014 Romanian UFO Conference, a briefing was made about the history of gathering UFO data by the air force structures in several countries, and a briefing was made about attempts to obtain UFO information in Romania.
In Romania, until now, no such actions were initiated. In 2014, ASFAN asked several institutions to provide (under the law No 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest, with particular reference to Article 11 on studies and research of public interest) access to the data on unidentified aerial phenomena: encounters of aircrafts with “unidentified phenomena”, "unconventional helicopters", unknown objects which passed very close to planes or hit planes, radar targets that were not identified by usual procedures, or unusual phenomena observed visually, which could not be identified, as well as other occurrences of the same category. In particular, ASFAN asked access to documents and records of some widely publicized cases happened in Romanian airspace. ASFAN also offered expertise to help elucidate some controversial situations for better flight safety, complying with the existing legal framework. At the moment of the UFO Conference, May 10, 2014, the results of these actions were as follows:

At the request made ​​on March 5, 2014 to the Romanian Aeronautical Authority, Department of Security, the response issued on March 24, 2014 stated that "the point of contact designated by regulations, by which you can request for information on civil aviation occurrences is the Centre for Analysis and Aviation Security" (an institution located at the same address). On the request made by the ASFAN immediately to this institute, no reply was received...

Another request was made on March 5, 2014, to the „CN Bucharest Airports", for data on two specific cases (from 14.07.1999 and 11 May 2004). The response, received on March 14, 2014 stated that the „volume of transactions involving research information from 1997-2004” is very high and the human resources limited, but „you will receive as soon as possible” an answer. ASFAN responded immediately, saying that there are just two events, asking also for a contact person. No answer was received.

Also on March 5, ASFAN made ​​a similar request to ROMATSA (Romanian Administration of Air Traffic Services) and received no response...

To the request, on March 3, 2014, to the Ministry of Defence, the response on March 18, 2014 stated that: „Defence Ministry has no data and information on unidentified aerial phenomena” but "for future cooperation” a senior officer was nominated as a contact person. ASFAN members had a first discussion with this person, who showed interest and determination to further cooperation.  On March 27, a collaborative proposal to the General Staff of the Romanian Air Force was handed to that contact person. The international situation at the borders of Ukraine retarded the further steps but we hope that at least this opening will be accomplished for the benefit of all parties implied.

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