aradIn Arad, a city in western Romania, and around it, in the summer of 1994 many UFOs were reported, linked also with crop circles.

Thursday, June 23, 1994, the engineer Liviu Deznan and more workers have seen, from the deck of a silo, in a wheat field at the northern limit of Arad, two concentric circles: a central core with a diameter of 8 meters and a slightly elliptical ring, wide 6.5 meters, around him, with the external diameter of about 50 meters. Besides, there were two small signs, also elliptical, with the axes 2.30 respectively 2.75 meters, flattened in the same direction as in the great agroglyphe. In both of the circles, the rods were bent slightly, uniformly, in counterclockwise direction, and they seemed to have been compacted by the weight of an object. Around there were no traces, and the wheat was intact. Because the witnesses were busy with farm work, they announced the observation only Saturday June 25, and the press came only Monday 27.

As of June 28, 1994, the case became known, and was taken by Romanian media. A few committees came at the scene, they made numerous photographs, including aerial ones, from 1500 to 2000 meters.

Local researchers found that the phenomenon was preceded by many other observations in the region: strange bright or black spheres, a large, triangular, gray, "kite", "unattached to the ground by a rope," a flat, lighted object, which sprouts arms like octopus, a trapezoid with glowing edges etc. Almost all cases have a great number of witnesses. Add to these, on June 26, a vortex seemingly produced by an invisible object, which tore tiles from roofs, without any effect a few meters away. The witnesses said that the whirl meandered „intelligently" on the streets of a town. Three researchers published a systematic exposition of events in a book: Anotimpul OZN-urilor (The Season of UFOs, "Mirador" publisher, Arad, 1995), authors: Raluca Marinache, Ovidiu Someşan and Sorin Ghilea, the latter now ASFAN member.

Monday, June 27, at dawn, Traian Crisan, 49, a former tractor driver, back then watchman at a sheepfold, not far from the signs in the wheat, came out of his hut, whose roof was shaken violently by a whirlwind, which ripped several objects (his mantle was found at a great distance and with unexplained burns), killed three sheeps, and scattered others. He was knocked down, dragged and hurt, although he clung to a tree. As he said: "Three sheep were raised in the air and then crushed to earth, and the dog, yelping, went to hide under the hut". The witness then saw, not far away, a bright disc, perfectly round, very big, with a transparent dome, floating three meters above the field of wheat. And in the ship door were two individuals with human appearance, with beard and slanting eyes, "while others moved their heads." Then, after about two minutes, the object gushed upward and disappeared. Several people living in the neighborhood felt the effects of this occurrence, and believed the testimony of the shepherd.

Peter Leb, journalist and UFO investigator from Târgu Mureş, analyzing the samples collected at the scene, did not notice any radioactivity or magnetic anomalies. He observed that, for the first time in the world, the cereal circles could be put in correspondence with a close encounter of the third kind. In the morning of 27, an army crew conducted also measurements of radioactivity, with negative results. The eerie observations continued also in July, when were reported: bright objects, with a diameter larger than that of the the moon, or a red zigzagging globe, seen several evenings in a row, by different people, as well as other unexplained appearances.

On August 30, near the village Bârsa, located 77 km from Arad, between the towns Ineu and Sebiş, two locals discovered, in the middle of a maize field, a section of eight lines, over a length of 36 meters, with the stalks bent at a height of one meter. There were no signs of theft; and the cobs, blackened or partially eaten by rodents, suggested that the phenomenon occurred a few days before. On September 10, not far, similar traces were found, in another maize field. In the same place was seen, not long before, a light, with the size of a rugby ball, with an appendage underneath, moving up and down. There were other bright appearances too. And on August 30, near noon, a gray and white cylinder, 3-4 meters long, with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 meters, was seen hovering about 400 meters from where they discovered the traces in the cornfield.

In the same area, there is a 200 meter stretch of road, right, without creases, and with good visibility, where dozens of unexplained accidents happened (28 only during 1990-92) ...

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